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Playboy, Silver Bells, & Valentino...

Playboy, Silver Bells, & Valentino...

Hey Beautiful,

There is an interruption of our regularly scheduled KTV to bring a story that I have been waiting for almost two years to share.

As we narrow in on the holiday, my gut says NOW IS THE TIME for you to hear this story. As sure as my hair is red, this is one of the most intimate K TV’s I’ve ever done.

It’s my hope that you will find the inspiration, love, and can do spirit from this story, walking away believing more in your dreams than ever before.

My favorite book is The Polar Express because the theme is about believing and if you’ve been around anytime you know that is the magic word in my home!

Spoiler alert- the book ends with a symbol to encourage the main character to continue to believe in the magic of Christmas.

Think a symbol is just an image or a picture? Think again. Symbols are visual images that draw on emotion representing beliefs, actions, ideas, and more.

Take a look at some powerful symbols and the emotion simply seeing it can create.

See what I mean? Symbols can be powerful and fire you up, in both positive and negative ways. Some make you smile, some disgust you, some make you fighting mad, and some uplift you.

I know what you’re thinking. “Thanks for the history lesson, Red (that’s my nickname from high school) but what does this have to do with me?”

I want to know what’s your symbol? Clear as mud? Stick with me.

Today I am going to share my symbol with you. Are you ready?

This beautiful shoe may not do anything for you but for me this shoe symbolizes never giving up, dreams coming true, and believing that if you are willing to sacrifice, anything is possible.

I see these shoes and instantly I remember I can have anything I want in life.

Two years ago I sold my beautiful Valentino shoes like this to have money to work with a coach that I believed had all the answers to what was missing in my business.

I sold my shoes to chase my dream.
I sold my shoes because my credit cards were maxed, my bank account was empty but I still believed in my business, my dream, and myself.

That day I sold my favorite shoes, I made myself a promise that after my first five figure month I would purchase another pair of these glamorous shoes and until then these Valentino shoes would symbolize my desire, grit, and belief that I would make my business dream real!

The joy I felt the day I was able to walk into Nordstrom and buy a new pair of these shoes was almost spiritual for me.

Today when I wear these shoes I feel empowered, a deep sense of pride, and I remember I am living proof that dreams come true. If I can do this, so can Y-O-U!

 I believe in you and your business.

I would love to know what symbol motivates and inspires you to keep going when business seems impossible. I invite you to share your symbol and it’s story below.

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