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One Tip Worth Repeating

One Tip Worth Repeating

I can’t believe this month is the one year anniversary of K TV!  There are so many things your business can learn from the ever changing K TV and today I’m sharing a few of them AND kicking off a month long celebration that ends with the biggest prize I’ve EVER given to anyone!  Yup that’s how much I love you!

One year ago  K TV launched, at the time of year when businesses are winding down and taking a break.  I decided it was time to launch one of my biggest dreams ever, a TV show that made a difference!  What’s the business lesson for you?  You CAN do something today that will make a huge difference in your world quickly. (Tweet That Here!)

We are going to re visit the first K TV ever today.  You will notice the video looked much different than they do today.  All the videos were professionally shot which I loved, but my brand is about being accessible and touchable.  Things change daily with a business and I wanted the freedom to record one day and publish the next so that ya’ll have an inside look into my real work daily. So I started shooting the videos at home from the office or wherever I happened to be so that you are always inside exactly what’s going on and able to implement ASAP!  What’s the business lesson for you?  Sometimes being accessible, real, authentic, is more important that perfection.

The entire month of October K TV is answering your scariest concerns about selling and running a business.  Got a question that scares you silly?  Email for your chance to be on K TV!

Want to be considered for my biggest give away yet? Update: This give away has been updated and is no longer available here.

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