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One Step To Higher Prices

Over the past few years, I’ve worked exclusively with a very small amount of private clients. This allows me to offer better service, more attention to each client, and many clients get results that are almost too good to be true.

One of the most common reasons whip smart business owners hire me is to figure out how to raise prices without losing business.

Today’s Authentic Selling Challenge is going to let you in on one thing your business can do right now that makes raising prices easier and creates raving fans, eager to tell others about your business.

Ready to raise prices?

This year, my plan for Sales School enrollment was for only the first 50 students to get feedback and a private session with me. This would have allowed me to sell an unlimited number of seats, because only the first 50 would require the extra time and feedback. I talked with my businesses advisors and they loved this idea.

It made sense on paper but, as I began selling, it felt off. Today, I learned why.

According to a recent study, 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience.

My students need to feel supported, heard, and to know that, if there is an issue, I will be there as the service provider. By only giving personalized attention to the first 50, I was not honoring my core value of providing the best in the business.

So what did I do? I changed mid-launch and said everyone who signs up for Sales School will get personalized feedback on all homework and a private session with me.

This probably caused me to make less money and sell less spots because, in order to provide the feedback they deserve, I had to close the doors at 100 students.

In a world of faster, harder, and as little interaction as possible, is it any shock that our customers are starved for a positive experience where they feel supported and heard?

Today’s Authentic Selling Challenge is to ask yourself what you can do to change how you interact with customers to increase your prices by up to 25%. [TWEET THIS]

Please share your ideas below in the comments or, if you have questions, ask away.

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