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One Exercise To Copy That Converts

One Exercise To Copy That Converts

I remember what I had on that day as I sat in the greatest city in the world, NYC, all eyes were on me. Across from me sat a woman I looked up to more than I have the words to express; someone who planted the seed of possibility in my life, and who I was scared to death to disappoint. The networking opportunities alone, in that room that day, were mind blowing. 20 powerhouse business women all doing it, making money and an impact, an award-winning copywriter, and someone who would be sitting next to Oprah in less than 6 months.

What happened next should NOT have been upsetting or difficult. It is NOT something to get emotional about, but as my mentor asked me to complete one simple action, I sat there, pen and paper in hand, and burst into tears. Y’all know as well as anyone that bursting into tears isn’t the best way to show off your expertise and win people over to want to partner with you, right

Oh, did I mention I was sitting in the center of the room, ugly crying all over myself?  I did redeem myself and earned this little title from Laura Belgray that same day, “Sweet as pie, but tough as nails”.

What was the question that had me making a total fool of myself and led me to create one of the most powerful sales tools that exists?

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