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One Change Doubles Revenue-It's Legit

Happy New Year!

As I prepped this first Authentic Selling Challenge of 2016, I thought about what would benefit you the most. The internet is full of strategies to “Get it all done”, “Plan for success”, and “What must be done for your business in 2016!”. It’s overwhelming and it’s only January!

Focusing on everything gets you nowhere, so let’s start with what actually matters to you, your business, and your bank account.
Running a business isn’t for those who give up easily! It takes work, fun, focus, and so much more to create and maintain a business that makes money, allows the life that you want, and makes a difference.

I mapped out some of the most common tasks involved in day-to-day operations of running a business.

Word Cloud


  1. Responsibilities to your existing customers
    1. Delivering on what you’ve promised
    2. Exceeding expectations
    3. Appointments
    4. Support
    5. Managing Payments
  2. Manage your own business
    1. List growth
    2. In-person events
    3. Outreach
    4. Blogging
    5. Selling
    6. Continued education
    7. Finances
    8. Marketing
    9. Social media
    10. Interviews
    11. Emails
    12. Copywriting
    13. Consults
    14. Sales conversations
    15. Product creation
    16. Launch plans
    17. Follow up
    18. Periscope
    19. Videos
    20. Speaking
    21. Blogs
    22. Networking
    23. SEO

This list could go on and on to the point where overwhelm is knocking on your door before February.

What’s the most important item on the this list?

Existing or Potential Customers

With each new to-do and must-do, it’s easy to lose focus when you’re interacting with potential clients or customers. That is a critical mistake because it leads to miscommunication and lack of faith in you or your product.

In a 40 hour work week, it’s estimated we have less than 6 hours of actual time in front of potential clients.

What often happens is we get too distracted checking things off our list and we forget we’re dealing with people, who have emotions, interests, and fears of their own.

Your time to make an impression on potential clients is limited and you need to make sure you’re fully focused on them and what they are sharing with you during this precious time. [TWEET THAT]

Five rules to ensure you’re focusing on your client:

  • When you’re with a client or potential client – REFUSE to multi-task.
  • The next time you’re tagged on Facebook, don’t get annoyed. Realize this is an opportunity to connect with a potential customer and wow them.
  • When you have the opportunity to send blogs, emails, and other information into potential clients’ inbox, make sure it’s valuable, clear, and to the point.
  • Take the time to make sure your web copy and marketing material isn’t too long and has a clear call to action. Witty copy is fun but leads to confused customers that put their trust and money in a different business.
  • Follow up with customers. Few businesses commit to doing this but those who do, make an impression on potential customers leading a 50% increase in clients.

Your Authentic Sales Challenge is to leave a comment below about how you plan to wow your customers in 2016!




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