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Now Or Later This Is A Must (Remix Wk 3)

Now Or Later This Is A Must (Remix Wk 3)

What a fabulous end to November! Last week I gave away over $5000.00 of my favorite tools to move your biz forward in my annual Playing Oprah Give Away!  For a complete list of winners, click here!

Today is week 3 of Remix Your Biz Challenge and this one is one you will NOT want to do.  Trust me, I know because it’s not sexy, it doesn’t provide immediate income, and it’s hard.

WOW!  How’s that for selling you on something?

Before we jump in, if you missed the past two weeks you can get all caught up here and here!

Alright now onto this week’s challenge! Here’s the catch, this is the one thing I butted my head up against with Marie Forleo for months. It’s the one thing she kept telling me to do over and over but I continued to focus my attention elsewhere. There are so many distractions in running an online biz, like web copy, videos, opt ins that actually doing this seems like a waste of time.

There is a reason Fortune 500 companies do this. There is a reason Marie Forleo, Jenny Shih, and Susan Hyatt kept pushing me to do this. And there is a reason you need to take the challenge seriously.

If you don’t I can predict with almost 100% certainty, that your business dream of doing what you love, making lots of money, and making a difference will continue to stall.

Today’s KTV Remix Your Biz Challenge simply can’t be ignored. Do it now or later but to experience real success it’s a must. (Tweet That Here)

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

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