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No K TV #PrayForOklahoma

No K TV #PrayForOklahoma

Have you ever wondered IF you should send out your blog during times of tragedy?  I’ve always been troubled by this question because the experts would advise to keep an editorial schedule and stick with it; however, this feels icky to me.

One of the foundations of Authentic Selling™ is “If you feel the ICK, find a better way.”  I’m not passing judgement on anyone who decides to send their blogs out during times of tragedy.  I’m simply stating for the K community, I’m choosing to do something different.

Just like I asked you all to do when tragedy struck Boston, today I’m asking you to take a portion of the few minutes you would spend watching K TV and send love, light, healing energy, or if you pray then your prayers to Oklahoma.

Sending love and light from the K community #PrayForOklahoma (Tweet That Here)


Thank each and every one of you.

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