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My (almost) six figure mistake

I’m so fortunate; We just closed the doors on Sales School enrollment for the year and had our most successful launch ever. But in the all the prep work, I missed one thing that could have cost us.

This one mistake was so simple and yet, it nearly cost me more than six figures.

A few weeks ago, we were in the midst of our first, really high profile launch.

Sure, we’ve launched Sales School several times, but this was different. It was time to expand our reach, offer more free content than ever before, create amazing prizes for students, and up our game.

By the time we had it all planned, I had invested over $30,000 dollars to “up our game.” I just knew in my gut it was going to be our biggest launch ever.

One night, while answering questions in the K Community, we were getting a lot of inquiries that should have been addressed on the sales page, and we were getting them over and over.

Not to worry, I knew exactly what to do! We had prepped for this exact dilemma by creating a Frequently Asked Questions page to make the decision and buying process as simple as possible.

I headed over the Sales School site and pulled up my Frequently Asked Questions.

It wasn’t there.

I began frantically digging through documents and found it! A draft of a FAQ document that we had never finished.

My team and I leapt into action with a lot of texting and late night calls. By the (long, long) night’s end, we had finished, edited, branded, and loaded the page onto our site.

All because I missed one of the most important aspects of selling.

“45% will abandon an online purchase if they can’t quickly find answers to their questions.” (Forrester)

Your Authentic Selling challenge for the week, is to read over your copy and ask yourself what questions a potential buyer could possibly have. Then, make sure to address those either in an FAQ area, or rewrite the copy to clearly answer any questions. [TWEET THIS]

If you have a FAQ or objection that comes up that’s hard for you to answer, post it below and I’ll help you create an answer that sells.

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