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Money. Money. Money..OH NO

Money. Money. Money..OH NO

Picture it!  You have created the perfect offer.  The price point is affordable.   You follow all the advice from the experts about how to launch your product or service.

People are responding to your sales emails, scheduling consults, but NO ONE is clicking purchase.  No one is signing up for your amazing offer.

To make it worse, you keep hearing “I can’t afford your offer at this time.”  WHAT NOW?

Every single business owner I’ve worked with wants to know how to handle this objection.  I teach my clients that before you can handle the money objection, you have to do some pre work!

Today’s K TV shares a 3 step formula you can apply today to help rid yourself of the dreaded money objection. Tweet That Here!

After all it’s much easier to deal with if you never hear it in the first place!!!

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