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Missing This Is Like Driving Blindfolded

Missing This Is Like Driving Blindfolded

It’s BACK!  OBT.  One Business Truth that is sweet as pie but tough as nails.

Guaranteed not to be popular but to be a real truth that will help you create the business you love.

Today’s OBT seems so simple.  I was actually  discussing this with my hubby recently and remembering how much I relied on this truth to fuel my business.

The truth is without this, I would not be successful.

Without this, I would be back to selling legal drugs!  Without this my business dream would not be realized and there would be no K TV, OBT, or Authentic Selling™ as you’ve come to know it. My business dream would be dead.

I’m going to ask you the same tough question someone asked me about three years ago. This question led to one of those a-ha moments that you often get in your first year of business. As a result of my answer to this question, I went on a mission to make sure that I was invested in my success.

I know all the excuses and fears that this one is going to bring up, but the truth is without this your odds of a business disaster are about the same as if you were driving blindfolded.  It’s harsh but true.

“You down with OBT……”

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