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Mamma Launch Plan-Cue The Mommy Guilt

Mamma Launch Plan-Cue The Mommy Guilt

The Drive Is Pushing My Daughter Away

It’s no secret I’m ridiculously driven, and kind of like a cockroach; impossible to kill. I’ve talked about one of the “secrets to success” is to get knocked down 88 times, get up 89.
What’s ironic, is I started my business to be an example for my daughter, and prove to her that dreams can come true for a regular mom.

Cue The Mommy Guilt

Imagine my shock and horror when she looked at me last week with tears in her eyes and cried, “Mommy, are you pushing me away?”. Those are words no Mamma wants to hear. I wanted to crawl in a hole and cry for hours.

Now let me be clear, I love my daughter more than anything in the world. It was heartbreaking to know she thought I was trying to push her away. I realized I had so much left to learn as a business woman.

Learn From My Example

My family knows I work crazy hours during Sales School launch. But a glitch on Day One extended my daily hours as well as the launch itself.

So, when our family calendar said I should’ve been done but I kept burning the midnight oil – even during our “post launch family vacation” time, my daughter didn’t understand and felt my business was more important than her.

Even after running my own business for years, there are days when I mess up all the “Mom” stuff and allow myself to be filled with guilt and shame. Somedays, being a working mom can look glamorous—and others my family may not have clean underwear!

A Working Mom’s Education

We make mistakes. We learn. We try again. 

That’s the exact same formula for running your dream business:

  1. Make mistakes
  2. Learn
  3. Try again

All the working moms out there, remember; You’re doing the hardest job in the world plus running a business.

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