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Make Sales an Intentional Plan for your Business

How’s it going this week? The last week was full of ups and downs and I guess that is how it goes, right? 

I was thrilled to see the word of the year according to Webster is “Authentic”.  Kind of makes total sense, in this world of #blessed and the “glory road to 6, 7, and 8 figures.”  🤢

People want real. 
People want the true.
People want engagement 
People want authenticity.

While I am thrilled that the world is ready for “Authentic Selling”, my week was not all sunshine and rainbows.   

I was going to tell you about how the universe threw a curve ball at my face this weekend.
I thought I would share how the absence of a plan is going to cost me money and hours of lost time. 

You see the thing was I didn’t even know I needed a “plan” for what happened to me this weekend and yet it created a hellish situation for me. 

I was ready to share how I considered waiving the white flag in 2023 and wake up in 2024.

The “plan” was to ask you questions leading you to consider your “plan” for next year.

The goal was to remind you that a plan without sales included, is likely to leave your bank account screaming for your attention and even make you want to waive the white flag.

But as I sat here with Halianna watching Dr. Who (she’s turned me into a dork, and I love it!), I decided I wanted to share this message instead.

“Never be cruel and never be cowardly 

Hate is always foolish and love is always wise 

Always try to be kind” and no matter what, believe.

I’m ready to work with you on your plan to amplify your message, get more customers, make more money, and create freedom to do what you love. 

But know this, factored into your plan will be making money, factored into your plan will be kindness, and above all  factored into your plan will be belief.  
I’m ready. Are you?

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