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Lost The “Feeling Of Feeling Unique?”

Lost The “Feeling Of Feeling Unique?”

I have a confession to make and it’s not one that I am the most proud of. It is my truth, but it’s embarrassing. 

Running a business for 10 years with the word “authentic” in the actual framework you’ve created can feel like a challenge.   I made no secret of the pressure I can feel to remain in the energy of authenticity. 

When you look up synonyms for “authentic” you will find words like 


I’ve also never hidden how I can feel like a mess of contradictions, one day feeling like how I imagine Beyonce feels when she looks in the mirror…


The next day I can feel like it’s hard to even get out of bed. 

Recently, I’ve become aware that I had unintentionally become a watered down version of myself.  It’s no one’s fault but I found myself swimming in the sea of sameness and “losing the feeling of feeling unique.”

If you’ve ever felt like you’re struggling to stand out, feeling uninspired, or even secretly dreading going into work, today’s ASTV is for you.

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