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Like It Or Not, The Purpose of Business Is to Sell

Like It Or Not, The Purpose of Business Is to Sell

Kendrick Shope - The PurposeWhether you are a veteran in your business or just starting out, one thing you need to understand is that the purpose of your business is to sell. Bottom line. Without paying clients, you have no business, and being out of business is not your goal.

So again, your purpose is to find people who need your product or service and sell them. Sell them on why they should work with you. Sell them on how much they need you. Sell, sell, sell!

Does that sound icky?  Yeah, I thought so.

But it doesn’t have to. Sales doesn’t have to be all sleaze and slime. Yet, for many of us, the thought of actually selling makes our stomachs turn over and our palms sweat. We conjure up images in our minds of the slippery used car salesman we see in commercials, or we think about a time a sales person put the hard sell on us…and how uncomfortable it made us feel. You don’t want to be that person. And you don’t have to.

Selling is simply learning how to convey what you offer to your clients in a way that connects with their needs.

Just by being yourself, you can sell the value of what you have to offer.

Here’s the thing: people buy from people they like and trust. Most people don’t like sleazy, slimy people, so you are already at an advantage! Simply using your authentic voice in a caring way can expedite the sales cycle for you and your prospect.

I get it. Sales can be scary. Sales can be uncomfortable. Sales can be the difference between a mediocre business and a booming business.

I get that for many, sales is an arduous, necessary evil in business. But I’m here to tell you something.

Sales can be fun!!

Oh, yes it can…but only if you have a solid, tried-and-true system in place. A system that you can tweak and massage for your own voice, a system that you can use over and over again, and a system that you are completely comfortable with that allows you to be yourself.

You are in business because you are passionate about what you offer. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with conveying that passion with your prospects every time you communicate with them. But, if sales gives you the jitters, you might just need a little help.

I have a brand new offering called the “Close More Consults, Get More Clients, Make More Money” coaching program. In your time with me, you will learn how to confidently convert prospects into clients using your authentic voice and tone.

Together, we will work to find your authentic voice, which will set you up for success. How you convey your message – and sell to your prospects – will totally be in your own voice and you will feel 100 percent comfortable in all your interactions with your prospects.

Curious to learn more? When you are ready, contact me and we’ll get started!

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.  But if you are interested in working with me click here to learn more.

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