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KISS "Dam Goode Pies"

One of the reasons I love filming KTV weekly is because I get to take y’all with me where ever I go and invite you into my life in real time!  I’ve tried batching out videos but this feels more authentic and fun so today’s KTV is coming to you all the way from North West Arkansas!

Often times clients will ask me what to name a program or offering to make sure that it grabs potential clients attention and entices them to want to know more.   This is an example of Authentic Selling™ at it’s finest, doing the common things uncommonly well.  Anyone can slap a a name on a program or  offering but taking a little extra time to make sure that is connects with your audience is going to pay off when you sell out your offer.

Today I’m going to share with you one strategy to apply every time you name a service and provide you an example of this strategy that’s brilliant.  (Tweet That Here!)

This example works not because the name was only catchy but also because the name focuses on what the product delivers.  There are plenty of cool names out there that don’t sell because there is no reference to what the product can do for you.  That is why the KISS method works so well and will help you create a damn good name for your next offer!

Want to vist “Dam Goode Pies?”  Click here to take a peak!

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