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Kendrick 2.0 Can’t Come To YT right now...

Kendrick 2.0 Can’t Come To YT right now...

So, where the hell is Kendrick 2.0?

Well, in the words of one of the women of summer (thanks, Taylor Swift),

“Kendrick 2.0 can’t come to Youtube now. Why? Because she’s dead!”

Let’s have a do-over moment for Authentic Selling®.

Personally, it’s been quite a journey since my surgery with countless moments where I’ve started only to come to a screeching stop.

Fear of overdoing it, letting people down, not feeling good enough – these are just a few of the demons I’ve been wrestling with.

I’m not the most proud of how I engaged or failed to engage as I’ve let down people I love because there just wasn’t enough Kendrick or “Kendrick 2.0” to go around.

But here is your “trust the redhead moment” the Authentic Selling® 2024 business plan is all about more…and less at the same time.

✅ More community, less scale

✅ More personalized, less noise

✅ More radical honesty for the sake of growth, not shock

✅ More of what you love and less of what feels stressful

And guess what? More in 2024 starts today with the return of a different kind of Authentic Selling® TV. Get ready for more heart, more business-building truths, and more radical honesty, because let’s face it – we just don’t get enough of that in the online world.

So, let’s dive right in with the biggest lessons you can learn from “Kendrick 2.0” being dead.

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