Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online Review

Let’s Start With Real Numbers.

Over 4 Million

Since working with Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online Process my business has made over $4 Million dollars in revenue.

Get access to the 3 things I learned from the Make It Work Online Curriculum that created over $4 Million in new business.

Considering joining Make It Work Online in 2020?

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10 Years

Programs come and go in our industry. Many are a flash in the pan with little to no real results to speak of. Make It Work Online has been helping service-based businesses build a full-time income doing work you love for a decade.


Every week, I tell you “I believe in you and I believe in your business”. Belief without action is a daydream that never comes true.

But it can feel overwhelming to know what action to take and in what order. Often times leading to a feeling of total confusion, lower than you want to admit bank balances and shame.

Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt.

Yes for real.

Nearly 8 years ago, I made a choice that changed my business, my future, and my family’s future forever.

Picture it. I was standing in my kitchen in Chicago talking to a colleague who said to me, “I feel confident I can help you average $1-2 thousand dollars a month in your business.”

Now that may not sound like much money to you, but I was making $0 dollars a month and had nearly $100k in debt from online learning to pay off. One – two thousand dollars in income might as well have been $50k a month at that point.


This person offering to help me make my business work followed up that promise with the following words.

“You have to do everything I tell you to do and NOTHING else. No new website, no new graphics, no new offers. You must follow the plan.”

You see, I had been a serial course purchaser and had the worst case of shiny object syndrome ever. It’s a legit thing. I’m in recovery!

But I agreed to this arrangement and that is the moment when my world changed forever.

What many people don’t know is that I was the original Make It Work online test subject. The entire process and plan were tested on my business and there is not a day that goes by that I fail to thank the universe for that opportunity.


Without Make It Work Online…

I do not believe my business would have ever succeeded.
You and I would not know each other.
I would be depressed because of my failure to make my business work.
I would have been forced to go back to my corporate job selling pharmaceuticals…and $100k in debt.

Get access to the 3 things I learned from the Make It Work Online Curriculum that created over $4 Million in new business.

What Is Make It Work Online?

Make It Work Online is the only business building plan I followed that worked to help me find clients and make money. It is the brainchild of one of the most gifted entrepreneurs of our time, Jenny Shih.

At its core Make It Work Online is a 12-week coaching intensive for service-based business owners who want to earn a full-time income doing work they love, on a schedule that gives them the freedom they crave.

But it is so much more than your standard run of the mill coaching experience.

As a result of your time in Make It Work Online, you will understand how to run your business with a level of detail that only the most successful businesses grasp.

Like I did, too many businesses try to create a successful business with belief and hard work

A wing, a prayer and a desktop full of programs isn’t a business plan that makes money or helps anyone.

Instead, to create the level of success you crave as a business owner, you need 2 things.


A plan that is broken down to the “gnats ass” detail

… so that you actually have the steps to running a profitable business.
Your Make It Work Online Business Plan will be something like:

Get Clear on What You Do

Create an Offer People Want

Set Yourself up for Success

Get Clients Action Plan

Update Your Website Action Plan

Overcome Fear to Create Success

Run Your Business Like a Pro

Prepare to Grow 6-Month Action Plan



The personal, individualized support

… to coach you through areas that may need tweaking as you implement to make sure it works for YOUR business.

Which is why every Make It Work Online client receives coaching and 1-1 support in three areas of your business:

Business and client-getting

Why Make It Work Online?

Look, my standards are higher than Mount Everest when it comes to supporting business owners.
There is a reason I’ve earned the nickname “the most over-delivering woman online” and I know that your average online learning experience doesn’t make you rich and works for the limited few, leaving too many out in the cold.

Make It Work Online is the exact opposite of traditional online learning.

I know of NO other experience that took into account what every service-based business owner needs to flourish and then included it in the experience.

Make It Work Online hires entire teams of experts to make sure any place you could possibly get stuck is met with your own power team of coaches to assist you through.

We all know that mindset roadblocks many people from achieving their dreams, right?

Not in Make It Work Online, because you have your very own team of mindset success coaches dedicated to your business.

How many times have you been stopped by hours of wondering what copy to write so that your people actually purchase?

Not in Make It Work Online, because you have your very own team of copy coaches dedicated to your business.

And finally, how many times have you taken an online learning experience and was not able to apply the learning to YOUR specific business or needed some personalized feedback from the coach only to be told that’s not included in the 2k investment?

Not in Make It Work Online, because you have your very own team of business coaches trained in the Make It Work Online plan and system so that you NEVER leave stuck or confused, but know exactly what action to take to get clients.

Why Make It Work Online?


The plan and the system are proven for 10 years! It worked for me. It’s worked for others. It will work for your business.


The support is the most detailed in the industry covering each area where you need one to one coaching in your business.

Why Make It Work Online?

Your business needs a plan to thrive. Make It Work Online not only provides the plan, but the support to implement your plan so that you actually get out of the experience what you expect.


Buckle up because you will not find a more comprehensive business building experience anywhere.


LESSON 1: Get Clear on What You Do
LESSON 2: Create an Offer People Want
LESSON 3: Set Yourself up for Success
LESSON 4: Get Clients Action Plan
LESSON 5: Update Your Website Action Plan
LESSON 6: Overcome Fear to Create Success
LESSON 7: Run Your Business Like a Pro
LESSON 8: Prepare to Grow 6-Month Action Plan


Here’s everything you get:

Lifetime access to the 12-week program — $4400 value. Including video training lessons, plus checklists, slides, and templates that you can download and refer back to for the life of your business.

Business coaching for 12 weeks — $4500 value. Our team of business coaches helps you create a solid foundation for your business, so that you become completely unstoppable. With their guidance and support you’ll waste no time in setting your rates, designing your packages, and most importantly, signing paying clients.

Website copy coaching for 12 weeks — $4500 value. You get a copy coach’s eyes on every single assignment you submit for the duration of the program. You receive specific-to-you feedback on your copy, suggestions for making it stronger, and tips to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward online.

Power masterminding — $6000 value. To help you deepen your understanding of the training materials, take action, and follow through on every assignment, you’ll be part of a curated mastermind group with the entire Make It Work Online™ client group and the coach team. On top of that, you’ll also work with your own mini-mastermind (Power Group) for super-charged camaraderie and support.

Success coaching. Get the tools you need to cultivate a success mindset, so you can confidently navigate any challenge, keep taking action, and create the success you dream of.

Private community. During the program, you join the other clients in a private online community. Your fellow clients will be there with you as you move through the program and keep moving, 24×7.

Get clients strategic action plan. With 20+ strategies to get clients and get money coming in the door, you choose and execute the approaches that feel right for you and your business. Plus you have plenty of resources AND the support of your three coaches to guide you as you follow through, so you’re confidently filling your roster with dream clients.

Personalized website action plan. Your website doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming project of endless to-do’s. With this straightforward checklist, you know exactly what to change (or not to change) to ensure your site is attracting perfect clients. Plus you know exactly what to do and in what order, so you’re putting your efforts where they’ll yield the greatest results for your business.

Lifetime access to the exclusive Make It Work Online™ digital archive. You receive 65+ tools, templates, and how-to guides. Included in the archive are resources that help you with things like crafting the perfect autoresponder emails, improving your copywriting, building your email list, projecting your financials, planning for and creating waiting lists, and much more.

PLUS, you also receive a free ticket to the exclusive, live, 3-day retreat. There, you’ll experience group sessions, hands-on workshops, and hot seats with Jenny.


LASTLY, you get $500 of business-growth bonuses…

Get Started Immediately: Your Jumpstart Action Plan
Want to dive in before the official kickoff date of Make It Work Online™? You’re in luck! This 9-step guide gives you a prioritized action plan to help you harness your excitement and business-building momentum.

Get Clients Immediately: Email Power Pack
Many of my clients have successfully booked clients from one of the simplest strategies of all: sending a personal email to people they think would be a good fit for their offers. I’ve compiled five highly successful emails for you to steal and send—so you can start getting clients TODAY.

Streamline Your Systems: Client Management Power Pack
As your business grows and your client list gets longer, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid system for tracking prospects, current clients, and past clients. Get the exact files I used in my own business to onboard new clients and stay on top of their timelines.

Next Level Success Secrets: Power Pack
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? This all-inclusive pack guides you through projecting your financials, creating a waiting list, and confidently raising your rates (without scaring your clients away). 

Get Your First 1000 Subscribers
You know “having a list” is one of the best ways to grow your business, but where do you find subscribers? In this program, you learn exactly how and where to find your people and get them to happily subscribe to your list. You can start right now, no matter what your list size is, and grow it as large as you want.

Your Master Plan for Transitioning from 1-1 Services to Group Programs, Courses, and Products
Your client roster is full. You started a waiting list. And now you’re ready to launch your group program or course. But how do you launch without the drama, the stress, or (gulp!) a lukewarm response from your list? Get my master plan to scale your business like a boss.


I told you there is nothing quite like Make It Work Online!

What all of this means for YOUR business is you have the plan to get clients, run your business, and make money!

Is Your Business One That
Make It Work Online Was Created To Support?

Make It Work Online was created to assist businesses in selling expert-level services.

Below are some of the industry experts Make It Work Online has supported in finding customers, making more money, and something.

Life coaches
Business consultants
Web developers
Graphic designers
Sleep consultants
Weight loss coaches

Productivity coaches
Nutrition coaches
Interior designers
Cooking coaches
Mommy sanity coaches

What Businesses Are Not A Fit For Make It Work Online?

The business plan you will learn in Make It Work Online or as I like to call it “Your Six Figure Success System” is extremely specific.

Make It Work Online has been building businesses for 10 years and with that decade of experience comes a clear understanding of who isn’t the best fit to benefit from this unique experience.

You’re ready for Make It Work Online if you’re:

Eager to step up, take action (even if it’s imperfect!), and make big things happen in your business.

Fed up with being busy but having nothing to show for all your effort.

Ready to stop spinning, start taking strategic action, and get real results.

Backed up by at least a little experience in your industry (you’ve worked with a handful of clients).

Using your expertise, even if you haven’t made a ton of money.

Ready to go all in and finally make your business work!

At the same time, this program isn’t for everyone.

You’re probably not ready for Make It Work Online if:

You sell physical goods. (The methods we cover are exclusively for service providers who want to market one-on-one services over the internet to a worldwide audience.)

You want to learn how to create, market, and sell digital products.

You’re part of a network marketing or direct sales business and don’t have your own, independent website. (If you do have your own website and have full control over it, we’d love to have you.)

You’ve been consistently making $2500+/month from online business revenue for the last six months and you’re inching your way toward six figures in your business. 

You’re looking for someone to hold your hand as you take action. We are guides—not coddling, reassure-you-daily kind of coaches.

You’re frozen in a perpetual state of overthinking and perfectionism. This is a program for high-achieving business owners who are ready to take action.


Why Am I Promoting Someone Else’s Program?

If you’re thinking this it’s important you understand that I LOVE this question so dang much, because it says you’re skeptical and are not ready to simply take someone else’s word at face value.

The online industry has some problems that need to be solved. One of the biggest ones is programs that don’t deliver.

Programs that over-promise and underdeliver leaving you with a business that isn’t working, less money in the bank, and way beyond frustrated.

Yall know I’m a straight shooter, so let me continue to shoot your straight.


As an industry, we need to give more and have more integrity in our word and our work.

So why am I promoting someone else’s program?


What you learn in Make It Work Online delivers on what it promises to do for your business.


No one is better equipped to teach you the business building blocks required to flourish than Make It Work Online.


I have seen the level of integrity the entire Make It Work Online team pours into this program and it’s rare in our world.


It’s the right thing to do. You trust me with your business sales but it takes more than sales skills to run a business that achieves impact, income, and influence. And even better Make It Work Online teaches you how do create this on your terms and schedule.

Full Disclosure

Jenny and I are best friends, but it did not start out that way and when Jenny put my business through the Make It Work Online system we hardly knew each other.

Our relationship was that of coach and client. Jenny was the coach and I was the client.

My review of this business-changing program is based on my personal experience as a client, but yes it helps that Jenny, the creator is a lovely human.

After all who wants to partner with jerks to grow in their businesses?

*Finally, I am an affiliate for Make It Work Online which means when you decide to enroll through a private link you will get an Authentic Selling® coaching bonus and I will accept payment from Jenny Shih LLC for delivering coaching to you!

But you don’t have to wait until Make It Work Online opens up.

you can start today with FREE access to the 3 things I learned from the Make It Work Online Curriculum that created over $4 million in new business.




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