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It's Time: Be a Millionaire

It's Time: Be a Millionaire

Are You Going To Judge Me?

As I write this, my stomach gets all knotty and queasy. I wonder if you’re going to judge me for what I am about to say.

But one of the power principles of selling like a woman is to own your place on the street. So, I’m owning it.

Go Big Or Go Home

Right now I’m sitting in first class, on a plane, with my mom, headed to speak at Ontrapooloza in Santa Barbara.

I feel odd saying that. I worry you’re going to think it’s bragging and that I want to turn you away. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

My beginning is like yours; Hard work, money scarcity, plagued by uncertainty and self doubt.

I pitched Ontrapalooza for the past 3 years to be a speaker and refused to take no for an answer- not so glamorous but the truth.

So, I as sit here with my mom, I am overcome to the point of tears with pride of what I’ve accomplished and hope for what you can as well.

Women And Money

But there’s a problem that many women and men run into once their business finally begins to make money.

What if I told you I could lead you to the exact day you’ll hit a million bucks your business?

No potions, selling your soul, or magic wands required.

This entire month we’re tackling a scary topic for most women: Money and we begin with today’s K TV

Your Authentic Selling Challenge is to meet my friend, Pete the Planner. The promotion mentioned in this K TV has expired but check Pete out.  He’s going to make you a millionaire.

And now that it’s back, let us know if the comments what you want us to cover next on K TV to help you create results, revenue, and raving fans.

I believe in you & your business.

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