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I’m scared to share but you asked for it...

I’m scared to share but you asked for it...

Many of you have been asking me to post this raw, real truth email for you to share with others. I love my community and try to deliver on everything you need. So without further ado…

Recently, my dear friend Tonya Leigh wrote a blog post called Eight Investments That Changed Me As A Woman. With all the “noise” in the online world, it can be difficult to know exactly which investment is best for your business. This has many people taking the wrong option, leaving them feeling deflated, and with few results.

My dad taught me that “scared money won’t make money”, so I have had no problem investing up to $50k on a program.

Many people ask me where I’ve invested money to create my business. As you know, I’m all about authentic communication. So I’ve created a list of the 4 best investments I’ve made as a woman in business and I break it down to a detailed level; I’m sharing real costs, results, and numbers.

Before I created the list, I had to establish some guidelines. The business investment had to do at least one of the following:

  • Directly make me money
  • Connect me with someone who made my business money
  • Push me into the next evolution of my business resulting in major growth (personally and professionally)

I love results so my criteria had to be based on real, tangible outcomes.

Today, I’m going to give you a real, raw look at the best investments I’ve made as a woman in business, the numbers that followed, and the key takeaways for you.

Disclaimer – it scares me a bit to share these financials with you; however, I wish someone had been this honest with me when I started.

The Best Investments I’ve Made As A Business Woman Are:

Working one-on-one with Marie Forleo

Cost $20,000

Money made during my time working with Marie: $0

When I worked with Marie, I was like many of you, trying to put all the pieces together. I bet I was the worst client ever, flopping around like a fish out of water. At the end of our time, I’d made NO money. Yet, this is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made.

Why was this investment so pivotal in my success?

  • Marie allowed me to see this type of life IS possible.
  • Marie connected me to Jenny Shih (more about that later).
  • I was able to see the inner workings of Marie’s business and thought process (she’s a freaking genius), which has served me well in the past three years and indirectly made my business money.  

Martha Beck Life Coach Training

Cost $6,000

Money made while in training $0

Again, this has nothing to do with running a business and I made NO money while doing this. BUT, without this training, I’m certain my business would fail.

Why was this one of the best investments I’ve made?

  • Your mind can be your worst enemy as you build your empire.
  • I was able to see how I was getting in my own way and inhibiting my own success.
  • I was finally able to leave a corporate job and transform into a full-time business owner with the tools I learned from Martha Beck.

Working one-on-one with Ali Brown

Investment $50,000

Money made – ongoing but at least $100,000

Why was this one of the best investments I’ve made?

  • I have a person who can help me take this business to a million dollars and beyond. There was no more “Kendrick” to go around so I needed a new way of doing business that allowed me to scale back (you’ll see more of this later!).
  • Confidence – there’s nothing like hearing a hero say “you get better results than anyone I’ve ever seen”.
  • Network – Ali is brilliant and learning how she grew her business, getting a plan she’s endorsed, and access to other women at my level or beyond is priceless.

Working with Jenny Shih

Investment – Less than $5,000

Money made while working with Jenny – at least $1,000,000.00

Working with Jenny Shih remains the single best investment I’ve ever made.  Without her guidance, I would have been a sales expert with no business. Yes, Jenny and I are friends but what’s important is that we were not friends when she was my coach. That friendship developed later.

Jenny’s method is almost no-fail and in an attempt to reach more people, she’s created Make It Work Online which is a mix of group coaching and one-on-one feedback that is mind-blowing.

Why was working with Jenny THE best investment I’ve made?

  • Jenny has a process that is broken down into baby steps and it’s virtually impossible to fail. She would not allow me to move to the next step until I successfully completed the previous step.
  • Without Jenny’s system, I would be back in pharmaceutical sales and have no business. She’s whip-smart and by following the process, my business exploded within months.
  • Jenny is different from every other coach I’ve seen because she’s strategy focused and is able to teach complex how-tos in a group setting like her Make It Work Online. I’ve never seen anyone create this much success with a group of business owners. It’s awesome. I can honestly say working with Jenny Shih is the single best investment I’ve made because, without her, I would not have a business. For an aspiring business owner, there’s no one better.  

So what can you take away from this?

  1. Notice that in many of my larger investments, I did not make a single dollar during the time I was working with them. It was afterward that I began to reap the rewards. The takeaway for you is to figure out where you need to invest as a smart businesswoman and do it. Don’t get involved in the blame game; just do the work…results will follow.
  2. Yes, there is a good bit of noise out there, but without that noise, how would you know someone could help you achieve your dreams? The takeaway for you is to stop getting caught up in the online drama and noise.

Think about it and decide.

  • Do you need to learn how to run a business?
  • Do you need to learn to sell?
  • Do you need to work on your personal life?

Get honest with what you need to make your business successful.

There are good, solid investments to be made that will pay off. Do your research.

Do your homework. Interview the coach. Get testimonials. Make the investment and ONLY focus on that investment. Do the work. Reap the rewards.

Here’s nonaffiliate advice from someone who’s done what you’re dreaming of doing.

  • If you don’t have an offer and are trying to find your first clients, Jenny Shih is THE only person to know. THIS IS WHAT TOOK MY BUSINESS FROM RED TO BLACK.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW

  • If you have an offer and have had a few clients but don’t know how to make more money, get more clients, or grow what you’ve created, sign up for SALES SCHOOL TODAY!  Yes, it’s my program and there’s nothing else like it. Want to make more money? This IS your answer. The results speak for themselves.

Part of running your business is knowing what you need. Take time to think about it, do your research, and then do the work. The results will follow.

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