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I'm Playing Oprah & Giving Away One Of My Faves!

I'm Playing Oprah & Giving Away One Of My Faves!


No K TV today because it’s the most wonderful time of the year + I love to celebrate which = gifts for the “K” community!  

Before we headed south to get our Thanksgiving on, I wanted to reach out to you and tell you I am thankful for you and I’m humbled to have you as part of our “K” community.

You are the reason I am able to chase my dream, do what I love each day, and teach my daughter to never ever give up on her dream.   Thank you.

This year has been a blur since I walked away from my job, my husband had another run in with health, and then my precious 4 year old had her own run in with a scary health issue.   I have experienced more run ins with life and death in my 35 years than I care to remember!

As I sat in the ER waiting on news of our fate, I grabbed my earphones, turned up New Kids On The Block, and was carried away to when I was 15 years old!  Back to the good ole days when my biggest concern was would I ever meet Joey McIntyre! (I did meet him 7 times…see dreams to come true!!!)

Music has the power to inspire, distract, and carry you away from all your problems!

This year, as I give thanks for my family’s health, I want to celebrate you and give you the gift of music!

The first 5 people to comment and share what you’re thankful for this year will receive an ITunes gift card just for being part of our amazing community here! 

 Wishing you and your family and amazing Thanksgiving. 

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