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I'll Have A Taste Of That....

I'll Have A Taste Of That....

Happy New Year!  I hope you had an awesome holiday season and are ready to kick off a fabulous 2015!!  I am so freaking excited about this week’s viewer and speed coaching, I can hardly stand it.  Mark his name down on your computer right now because you are going to fall in love with him.  Anyone running a business needs to hear this week’s question and speed coaching tip of the week!

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Who?  I’m a husband, a son, dad to my pups, potter, and singer. I also happen to be a wicked fun Life Coach.

What? I work with people who are comfortable, BUT miserable, people who long for inspired days, no alarm clock, and a LOT more laughter and fun, so that they can feel true security and comfort. 
Together we seek more JOY, LOVE, and PEACE, the good stuff, through laser focused thought work, tapping into our mind/body/spirit-talk, and good ole conversation. ALL with a healthy dose of creativity and humor.  My own life journey through addiction, chronic illness, and finding myself, has taught me that self-acceptance, healing, and creativity ARE keys to lasting happiness and forgiveness.
Question?  Once you have a pink spoon do you recommend having it linked to your site as a must sign up to get it, or have a freebie as something that’s just accessible on the website for general consumption?  I feel the “must ” sign up feels a bit icky, but I know it’s good at building bigger list.  Sigh…. As well, do you think your pink spoon can be a platform for a program that’s more in depth, so the pink spoon would be a foundation of sorts?  A taste of what could be, if the whole program was done.  A way to get a paying client in the door???  


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