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Ick Free Follow Up (Results Guaranteed)

Ick Free Follow Up (Results Guaranteed)

Picture It.  You’re sitting at your computer.  You know you need to follow up with that interested client.  You’ve heard fifty percent of all sales are closed in the follow up communication.  You never thought you needed sales to make a living helping others but clients aren’t coming as easily as you expected.  You open your email and start to type the dreaded follow up and it feels slimy, pushy, and desperate.  Frustrated, you decide to come back to work on the “follow up thing” later.

Weeks pass and the list of interested clients grows but for some reason they never seem to go from “interested” to a paying customer.

There are so many things that we have to master as a business owner in order to be successful, doing what we love every day, helping others, and making money.  We can invest thousands of dollars in education, classes, and coaching only to have a business that makes no money.

Wouldn’t it be freaking awesome if you could just Take-N-Tweak a follow up example that was guaranteed to take “interested” clients to paying customers?

KTV is sharing a Take-N-Tweak follow up that is guaranteed to deliver clients! (Tweet That Here!)

Grab your copy of Ick Free Follow Up here and use the guaranteed Take-N-Tweak to get more clients, change more lives, and make more money! Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

**How can I guarantee results?  Numbers don’t lie, so if you’re not following up you’re missing business.  It’s that simple.  This resources is designed to take the stress out of follow up and make it easy for you to apply this business changing skill set.  I can authentically promise results because if you follow up with every interested client, you will close more clients, make more money, and do more of what you love.  This resources simply eliminates the “guess work” about how to follow up!

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