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I Hate This Part Of Biz...Do You?

It’s Week One of the Remix Your Biz Challenge and we are getting to the toughest parts. As I prepared for this week’s episode of K TV, I got the smack down from my personal business ninja and friend.

When I discussed the Remix Your Biz Challenge with my friend, she told me I was omitting one important part of running a real business. A real business is one that makes money.

While there are many other parts to running a successful business, you must get a few things straight if you want to be taken seriously. I am thrilled to have Jenny Shih on K TV to discuss the foundations for success in 2014 (Tweet That Here!)

Remember, everyone can see the challenge here on K TV, but in order to access the free resources and how-to guides, you must accept the challenge below. You do not need to accept each week, but once you’ve said yes to the challenge, you will get the best free how-to guides I can offer!

Jenny Shih is an uncompromising business coach who believes business doesn’t have to be so hard. She teaches women entrepreneurs the theory they need to succeed and exactly how to apply it to their business, step by step. Jenny can be found online at jennyshih.com, where she share practical tips for creating and growing a business you love.

Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

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