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I Feel Like A Used Car Salesman..HELP

It’s week two of going straight to you, the viewers.  You are the ones that make K TV so fun for me each week and today’s question comes from one of my favorite business owners I’ve met.

I bet most of you can identify with Amy Wright’s question.

I love talking to potential clients about their problems and giving the pointers in our time together. Everything feels like two girlfriends talking naturally. But then… We get to the end of the convo when it’s time to “make an offer” for my newest package, I feel like I slip into a used car salesman’s body. I get nervous and stammer. How can I keep my cool?

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Update: This resource has been updated and is no longer available here.

Amy Wright is a tamer of time, hirer of great people, ruler of schedules and systems and advocate of mom’s (and a few dudes too) all over the world. Her official title is Lifestyle Concierge for Busy Entrepreneurs but she mostly answers to “Mooooooooom!”

She lives in North Carolina with her husband, 4 kids and a stepdaughter, who are were huge reason for creating her signature “Sanity Renewal System”. Amy loves 80’s and 90’s music (especially the hair bands!), hot chocolate, and being outside. Her idea of a perfect day is in absolute freaking silence reading self help books (her addiction).

Amy’s dream is to continue to change the lives of thousands of stressed out, burned out entrepreneurs who are ready to enjoy a lifestyle, not just a life.

Read about Amy’s life changing work here.

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