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I Am Ashamed-An Apology

It’s so easy to pretend everything flows along perfectly. The recipe for appearing like a successful, accomplished businesswoman is simple:

  • Talk about how much money you’re making
  • Post glamorous photos on social media
  • Add pictures of a beautiful family, kids, or friends

And there you have it; another internet success story for you to compare yourself to.

This Is A Problem For Your Career

You let the hype get in your head, don’t feel like helping on social media, feel like you’re not good enough to compete so you just pull the plug on social media altogether.

The noise in your head starts building:

  • I’m so demotivated when I post – there’s no response and I just hear crickets
  • What’s the point in calling on your customers face to face?
  • Her office doesn’t see sales representatives anyway

So it’s off to Starbucks for a full day of admin duties.

The next thing you know you’re starting another day of $0 new dollars coming into your bank account. You’re even further behind on your quota and you start to question if you can do this.

I’ve Unintentionally Contributed To The Stereotype

I’m ashamed that I’ve contributed to this ridiculous belief. My truth is much less Hollywood.

  • My revenue is seven figures, but I worked my a$$ off to get here; ignoring health, friendships, vacations, and going further into debt than I like to admit
  • The 2016 Sales School launch was chaos because my attention was split
  • My expenses are well over six figures. So the first year my revenue was six figures, I still made nothing
  • I’ve said yes to more than I should have which left me scattered
  • Total profit for Sales School last year was 10k despite making over 200k in sales
  • I’ve dropped the ball on things that I should not have

Work is still hard and I have times where I wonder how to go on. As the opportunities get bigger, the money gets larger, the stakes are higher.

There are times when I’m so exhausted and confused, and I wonder how to measure up that I simply go to bed!

My Goal Is To Arm You For Success

If you’re looking for a healthy way to build a business that is problem-free, stress-free, and looks shiny on social media, you’re in the wrong place.

Yes, you can have more balance than I do and you don’t have to be driven like I am. I’m not the only one who has created success beyond what I dreamed. There are plenty of business owners who do the balance part better. But the reality is, no matter how good it looks from the outside, there are issues, there are stresses, and all those businesses started right where you are:

  • Scared
  • Unsure
  • Confused

The truth is; Yes, I post my successes on social media. But I try with everything I have to share the reality of this life so you can understand what it really takes.

You can no longer:

  1. Stop putting your message out because you’re new and don’t know what to do
  2. Refuse to prospect and engage with your potential customers because you’re feeling unworthy to live in what appears to be a world full of success.

I would like to genuinely apologize if this makes it sound like I don’t love my own life more than sliced bread.

I would like to genuinely apologize if I contributed in any way to you feeling less than or unable to share and connect with your customers.

You have a message to share, work to do, people to help who are waiting for you. Get out there and do it.  

DO IT!  I know you can.

Let’s clear the air and share, open and honestly; Have you struggled with this? What will you do differently as a result of this post?




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