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How You Should Market During & After COVID-19

How You Should Market During & After COVID-19

Over 80% of Americans and Canadians believe that the crisis will have a lasting impact and create a new normal in the way we do everything according to EntrepreneurFlying, traveling, and dining out are just a few of the many things that may be totally different when we are able to return to life without restrictions. 

As business owners, we’ve all had to find ways to thrive during our new normal, asking questions like

  1. To sell or not to sell
  2. To give it all away for free or to charge
  3. To be vulnerable or to be more certain for your audience

Side note: One of the things I LOVE about selling is that the answers can usually be found in the numbers, and numbers don’t lie. There is some emerging research (cue the numbers) that you need to consider as a CEO before you decide how to sell moving forward. 

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