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How To Write An Email That Sells

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Last week, we discussed headlines that convert and why it’s so important to have a subject that commands attention. While that’s the single most important part of any email (because it will determine if your communication is read or filed in the trash), you’ll need more if you want to convert potential customers into paying clients using email.

How Do You Write An Email That Sells?

You need to make sure the opening sentences doesn’t immediately scream, “I’m going to sell you!”. All too often, I see emails that jump into selling first thing. It’s an instant turn off. Many people stop reading at that point so all the work you’ve done on your headline or email subject has gone to waste.

Another necessary part of any email is the call to action, often called the CTA. Every email should have one call to action…one. I often see multiple calls to action. Research shows if people are given too many choices, they will choose nothing. One call to action is the way to go when selling through email.

This week’s Authentic Selling Challenge is to think of an opening sentence that will grab your reader’s attention and post it below to get free feedback and coaching.

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