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How To Get Lucky

How To Get Lucky

Hey, Beautiful,

Have you ever wondered if some people are just born lucky? I’m often asked how I got so lucky in my business; but frankly, I used to think the same thing – that some people just have all the luck. I was secretly jealous of all those people who had it all figured out.

You know who I mean, e.g. that beauty in college, who knew she wanted to be a doctor from the age of four, got into her top five school choices and is now living her dream. (BTW, one of my best friends was that girl!); or how about the person who seemed to stumble upon the right business idea and take off overnight?

I’m often asked if I simply got lucky with my business — since I’ve experienced such rocket-like growth. I’ve really pondered that question and I believe the answer is “yes”: to some extent, I did get lucky.

I also learned from a brilliant woman named Susan Hyatt that we can “create our own luck” and I am certain that is how I got so lucky in business.

Now, don’t get frustrated and disgusted with lucky people like I used to do, because today’s KTV shares three ways you can “create your own luck” in your biz.

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