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How To Get A Day Of Free Coaching

How To Get A Day Of Free Coaching

First things first, I must start with a HUGE AUTHENTIC THANK YOU!  You have come into the Authentic Selling® Community and helped make it feel like a home online by:

  1. Welcoming new members
  2. Asking questions
  3. Voting on the monthly topics
  4. And showing up for yourself and your business

When you engage it feeds my soul and gets the creative juices flowing so that we can figure out new ways to over-deliver for you and help you get your passion out into the world. This week we want to do something fun because after all if you’re not having fun what is the point in it all, right? One of the most fun things I did with you all last year was the 24-hour sales sleepovers and coaching marathons. As a result of the coaching marathons, last year over 1000 of you got answers to your biggest burning questions FOR FREE.

Think about that for a minute 1000 people getting free answers to what you need to get more of your work out into the world.  It’s humbling and exciting.  And I’m doing it again but this time I’ve added a time sensitive twist.  

Share the Take-N-Tweak posts below to help other passionate business owners like you locate our home online and take advantage of the totally FREE support to get more customers.

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The Authentic Selling® Community is full of the best free training online.  There’s nothing like it. Find your home online FREE. See you there.

There is a place where you can get your burning business questions answered FREE.  @kendrickshope has created the best community online and it’s packed FULL of free coaching that will grow your business.

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