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How To Eliminate Grammar Errors Forever

How To Eliminate Grammar Errors Forever

Today’s episode of K TV is a must see for anyone who writes a blog.  

I’m going to cover one of the most popular questions that was asked in my mastermind with Marie Forleo and I’m going to share an amazing resource I discovered that will help you eliminate those pesky grammar errors forever!

1. What is Gramlee & how can you help my readers?
Gramlee is a copy editing and proofreading service that uses professional editors and costs 2 cents per word. We help bloggers and others running internet businesses produce content that leaves a lasting impact on readers. Gramlee’s editing service is unique because we write for the amygdala. We pay close attention to who your audience is and edit your articles to leave a credible emotional impact on your readers. This page tells you more about what your amygdala is and how it determines the emotional impact of your content.

2. What are the 3 biggest mistakes you see writers/bloggers make?
A. Punctuation is the most misunderstood element of writing. Most people are unsure about when to use commas and where to place them.
B. Apostrophes. (It’s vs. its; let’s vs. lets; they’re vs. their vs. there.)
C. Tense confusion. People unintentionally switch from present tense to past tense throughout their writing. Tense consistency plays a huge role in how your writing is interpreted.

3. What is the cost and turnaround time associated with your services?
Gramlee guarantees a 24-hour turnaround. If we do not meet this promise, the editing service is free. On most days our editors will return projects within two hours of receiving them. We love to under-promise and over-deliver.

4. What’s the best part about your job?
The best part of my day is reading the great content that we get from people. We get writing on topics ranging from astrophysics to love. Some Gramlees touch our hearts. Some Gramlees educate and leave us with a new perspective. All Gramlees remind us of the pivotal role crisp and accurate writing plays for online businesses who rely on words to deliver an experience to their readers.

5. What is one tip that you can provide our community of writers/bloggers to improve their content?
I have two small tips that work together – proofread using drafts, and space the time between your drafts.

Producing just one draft of your writing is a recipe for disaster. Even the best writers create more than one draft because they recognize that our minds are wired to accurately do one thing at a time. First drafts are to get ideas on paper and define a structure to your content. Subsequent drafts should be used for editing. You should not expect your first draft to achieve both goals.

Take breaks between each draft you create. Time away from your document will help your mind reset. Armed with a clear mind, you can approach your content with new perspective. You will be astonished at the poor writing choices that you previously overlooked. You may also derive better ways to present your ideas. The transformation between your first and final drafts will be remarkable.  Your readers will thank you for it.

A very special thanks to Rushang Shah, the founder to Gramlee!

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