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How To Deal With A Monster

How To Deal With A Monster

Happy 2014! I’m so excited and honored that you are here. We have an amazing agenda for 2014 to help you do more of what you love, make more money, and make a difference. It’s my personal promise that the content on K TV will be a crucial tool for you as you go pro with your business.

This week’s challenge is one that every person struggles with eventually. If you are going to succeed, you must face this and have the tools to deal with it. If you don’t, I am certain you will fail. I know that’s blunt, but they don’t call me sweet as pie and tough as nails for no reason!

This week’s K TV, like many others, comes with a warning. Many of you will not believe how important this is. Many of you will think that you’ve already got this covered. Trust me: this is vital to your success. It’s the first assignment I gave to my high end 10 Women, One Choice group and now I’m challenging you to do the same.

We are kicking off 2014 with a bang next week—make sure you tune in for a truly exciting announcement!


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