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How Shiny Object Syndrome Can Make You Money

You know the feeling:

  • The rush of adrenaline
  • The growing hope of who you could become
  • Excitement as you click “Buy! Buy! Buy!”


And the crash four weeks later when things are exactly the same.

No – it’s not another fad diet—Shiny Object Syndrome has struck again.


Shiny Object Syndrome strikes your business when you suddenly see “the next big thing” that can turn your business around, the new toy that will make everything better, the secret that will transform your life – and you have to have it.


Left unchecked, Shiny Object Syndrome can drain your bank account and slow your business momentum. Many a solid business has lost its life to SOS.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you can use SOS to strengthen your business, attract ideal clients, and increase revenue.


SOS is the result of being sold. It’s fanned by great copy, intriguing strategies, and persuasive selling. SOS can teach you more about selling than any class—you just need to know how to use it.


The clearest sign that SOS has you in its grips, is the cracking of your wallet as you whip out your credit card.


The next time you reach for your plastic:


  1. Pause for a moment
  2. Ask yourself one question: What is it about this offer that makes me want to purchase?
  3. Examine the sales techniques and try to isolate what, specifically, had you dipping into your reserves.  


Once you know, take that powerful technique and tweak it to fit your business and your ideal clients. If it was strong enough to sell you, use it to attract those clients you can best help.
Your Authentic Selling Challenge is download the Shiny Object Syndrome Checklist below. Use it next time you find yourself reaching for your credit card to turn your next “gotta have it” moment into results, revenue, and raving fans. [TWEET THAT]

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