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How Do You Keep Your Cool?

How Do You Keep Your Cool?

Aug 19

It’s so HOT .  I mean in the deep south it gets what we call HAWT.  Today one of my favorite business owners has a question for the next round of speed coaching on K TV.  Her question is so hot you might call us the “Sizzle Sisters”

After I answer today’s question you will know how to make an offer in a way that feels authentic, smooth, and gets a YES from your potential client.  There are entire books written on this topic.  We are covering sealing the deal, closing the sale, getting a yes.

Q: I love talking to potential clients about their problems and giving the pointers in our time together. Everything feels like two girlfriends talking naturally. But then… We get to the end of the convo when it’s time to “make an offer” for my newest package, I feel like I slip into a used car salesman’s body. I get nervous and stammer. How can I keep my cool?

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