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How do you convert in spite of the noise?

How do you convert in spite of the noise?

You see you, the amazing viewers, are what makes K TV tick.  You ask questions, you trust us with your dream, and are willing to comment to help each other out.  That is what I call community! As I thought about how I could uplevel the tip of the week for, you, it just hit me.  I should ask what you really want to know, what do you need help with, and where do you feel stuck? Today we start our first ever SPEED COACHING on K TV.  Questions have been submitted from business owners who are part of the K Community and I am going to answer them!   The questions are so thoughtful that I know any business owner will benefit from this K TV speed coaching!  So let’s do this. Oh and I bet the majority of you will want to know the answer to today’s question.

Strut your stuff on over to this week’s K TV and learn how to convert, hear yes from paying customers!

“In light of all the social media changes, how do we convert?  People are sick of the noise!  Opt-ins are plentiful, but they don’t always work (no matter the quality).  Facebook is difficult to even have a reach anymore.  People don’t always want another marketing/coach/mentor in their inbox.  In light of that, what is the single best way to outreach to people to make them converts to your programs, messaging, marketing?”

Submitted by Makenna  Makenna (MakJo) is an entrepreneurial business strategist who helps new business owners create the business and life of their dreams through tried and true business strategy and mindset tai chi.  After spending over 15 years working for corporate clients and universities, she is now a corporate and academic refugee.  These days spends time pontificating on youtube rather than in the class or board room.

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