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Have You Been Lied To?

Have You Been Lied To?

How do you like speed coaching on K TV?  I love being able to feature one of your amazing businesses each week and get your business blocks cleared so you can make your business dreams come true. Today’s question I’ve heard a million times,  and it’s one that is crucial to answer so you can move forward.

Who? Jenn Scalia sent in today’s question and I am willing to bet many of you are wandering the same thing.

What? Jenn Scalia is a love + confidence coach that works with women who are feeling down on love after a breakup or leaving a toxic relationship. She connects with her clients by being vulnerable and real. She is also the host of “15 Minutes of Flame” a podcast about love, life, relationships, dating, sex and everything in between.

Question? Is it possible to become financially successful (aka over 6 figures) if you’re a coach that does NOT coach other coaches? For example- a life, health or relationship coach. There is so much chatter that “regular” people don’t value coaching as much as entrepreneurs and business owners and that it’s hard to become successful if you are not teaching business or skills to other coaches.


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