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Hate Selling? Read This

Hate Selling? Read This

For the past three years, I’ve been talking with business owners and their employees about selling.  I understand selling might not sound sexy or intriguing.  In fact, when speaking, I ask attendees to shout out the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word “selling”.  The most common words I hear are:






All you have to do is look at that list and you understand why many people hate selling. Who wants to keep doing something over and over that makes you feel gross, sleazy, slimy and deceitful?

Here is what’s interesting.  According to Webster, the definition of selling is “the exchange of money for a product or service.”  That’s not so bad, right?

Selling = Money for your business.

But it should never feel gross, sleazy, slimy, or deceitful.  The good news is, selling never has to feel that way again.

As a result of today’s K TV you’ll learn:

  1. How to sell with integrity, make money for your business and impact more of your target customers
  2. Why you must adapt your view of selling for your business to succeed

How to get the most out of K TV

Step One – Wonder How can I sell without feeling sleazy?

Step Two – Watch The Terrific Tuesday Tip Of The Week on K TV

Step Three – Implement Use the strategy from today’s K TV to flip what you think about selling

Step Four – Share Know someone who hates selling? Use the links below and share the secrets to selling with integrity while making money

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