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Goodbye Sales School

It feels like a whirlwind to be wishing you a happy 2020 when it seems like just yesterday everyone was

  • ”Partying like it was 1999”
  • Waving goodbye to the 1900’s
  • And surviving the Y2K drama

Are you old enough to remember that turn of the century?

As I get older, time seems to fly by at a speed that would give Tom Cruise whiplash in Top Gun (side note – 2020 is destined to be amazing, because Top Gun sequel, right?!)  Like in Top Gun, 2020 is going to be full of “great balls of fire” because I am dedicated to shaking up this business, and this industry.

Full disclosure, I’m petrified to send this email, like more scared than the time I found myself…

  • Standing on a bridge
  • 50 feet above the Tennessee River
  • Looking into an oncoming train
  • With no way off the bridge

More about that another time, but wanted you to understand the fear I am feeling as I write this.

When fear smacks me in the face, I have learned to go back to my roots and what we stand for in this industry.

Our core values include: 

  1. Providing you more direct access to support you crave so you get the results you expect.
  2. Offering more affordable ways to get the money making sales support your business lacks.
  3. Believing in you and your business and showing up for like minded businesses in a way no one else would ever dream of doing.

Which all led to this, shutting down Sales School – the number 1 sales training for your business.

Watch below as we say goodbye to Sales School, hello to a new decade and a behind the scenes look at our future- Authentic Selling University. 

Get excited because all the access to coaching is about to get even better inside Authentic Selling University 

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