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Going Away

Going Away

I am doing something today that I would tell my customers is business suicide.  In business sometimes there are no easy choices.  I like the black and white choices in life but there is so much grey in the world and this is one of those times.

There is nothing more powerful than living your dream every day,  defying the odds, and watching business owners like you, do the same thing.

I preach to you each week about hard work, doing the common things uncommonly well, and creating raving fans by over delivering every chance you get.  It’s time to get real with you  and practice what I preach!

I’ve shared some unpopular truths here on K TV and today is perhaps one of the hardest and most shocking ones I’ve ever shared.

Oh and if you’re feeling a bit exhausted or just want to learn more about “Hiring people that don’t suck” check out the info here.

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