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Ghosted? Shope Sales Story Time

Ghosted? Shope Sales Story Time

Snuggle up by the virtual fire… or should I say swimming pool? Let’s dive into the moral of the newest Shope Sales Story. 📕

Speaking of pools, picture this: I pulled into the driveway, and before stepping inside, I impulsively jumped in the pool… fully dressed in my work clothes! At least I had the sense to take off my heels!

Trust me, there’s nothing like a spontaneous dip in your little black dress to bring you back to the present moment.

It’s like hitting refresh on a day filled with ghosting clients who disappear faster than Houdini.

So, if you’ve been ghosted by that client who promised to say yes to your incredible offer, don’t hesitate to make a splash and wash away the frustration!

As much fun as an impulsive dip can be, I’ve got a better way to handle being ghosted!

Discover how to master the art of dealing with ghosting clients on today’s ASTV. Tune in and unlock those ghostbusting strategies! 💪👻

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