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Get This Right & Your Business Gets Paid

Happy 2015!!!  Holy wow!
Today we are getting back to the very best part of K TV and that is Y-O-U, the viewer.  We are featuring one of my fave Sales School graduates and our first ever man as a viewer question.   K community.  We are talking about one of the two most overlooked parts of selling your products and services today on K TV.  This is one of the reasons programs don’t sell out, business make little money, and you list stays small.  If I were you I would make sure to check this out NOW.
 My question is in respect to pink spoons/list building and program sales.

Once you have a pink spoon do you recommend having it linked to your site as a must sign up to get it, or have a freebie as something that’s just accessible on the website for general consumption?  I feel the “must ” sign up feels a bit icky, but I know it’s good at building a bigger list.  Sigh…. As well, do you think your pink spoon can be a platform for a program that’s more in depth, so the pink spoon would be a foundation of sorts?  A taste of what could be, if the whole program was done.  A way to get a paying client in the door???

Any tips or tricks you got would be helpful.  🙂

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