Opt-In 10 Proven Ways - Kendrick Shope
  • Are you spending hours doing all the things but still not landing paying clients?
  • Do you post on social media but are not seeing the traction you expected?
  • Have you tried being of service but ended up only attracting freebie seekers?
  • Is there no consistency in people looking to hire you much less even reaching out to chat?
  • Do you feel that no matter what you do to find new customers, nothing seems to be working?
Truth: Until your people know you exist, it will continue to be
impossible for them to buy your life-changing
coaching, consulting, course, or product.

10 ways to get more customers have been tested for over a decade and proven to work in most industries, including coaching, consulting course creators, and products.

The chase to be discovered and find paying clients ends today when you grab the free checklist 10 Proven Ways To Get More Customers Without Paying For Ads.

Why Learn from Kendrick?

The Authentic Selling® process came about after more than a decade as a top-performing sales rep. I saw success by doing things differently from the rest: prioritizing empathy, using a sales process that made me feel confident, and embracing the belief that selling is helping.

In 2011, I founded Authentic Selling University® (originally called Sales School) to teach online businesses how to make sales the same way.

Since then, our students have created millions of dollars in additional revenue and built profitable businesses that helped them be the moms, partners, and people to themselves that they always wanted to be.

You’re ready to get more customers, learn how to close a sale, make more money, and feel more freedom too.

The missing puzzle piece is sales expertise.

It’s time to learn Authentic Selling®.

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