A Halloween Treat For Your Business

How The Devil Can You Make More Money In Your Business

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Class on October 31, 2018








Join Kendrick Shope October 31, 2018 to find out
how you can close more customers now.

Increase your business by up to 50%

Learn the steps to creating a follow up that converts

Uncover exactly what to do when a prospects says “I can’t afford it”

Kendrick Shope’s SPOOK-TACTULAR Halloween Follow Up Class that takes the fear out of follow up and leads to YES

This is a Halloween Special Too Good To Let Slip By

Join Kendrick October 31 for this Halloween Special!

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Follow up is statistically proven to increase your business.  Don’t let another day go by missing opportunities to do what you love.

The Authentic Selling® Follow Up System is proven to close more sales

Join Kendrick This Halloween!

Costumes WELCOME!

Learn how to convert clients with love using follow up. It works!

Kendrick rocks. She’s a fountain of sales knowledge and breaks shit down into bite-size, manageable chunks. It makes it easy to process. The follow up templates to send to potential clients were worth the price of the course alone. Keep being awesome.

Becky T. Dickson

What Kendrick teaches is the kind of sales training that every entrepreneur should be REQUIRED to take.

When I started working with Kendrick I was burnt out from the way I was doing business, but not making enough profit from all of my hard work! This gorgeous redhead was a godsend when it came to restructuring my copywriting services. And then, on top of that, she taught me exactly how to have sales conversations with potential clients. It was an absolute delight to work with Kendrick!

Courtney Johnston

Rebellious Copywriter

After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business.

Working with Kendrick opened my eyes to another way of selling and having sales conversations. She explained how she is able to shift the sometimes icky sales talk into something that’s more of a relationship builder than a pure transactional event. After working with Kendrick I was able to close over $15,000 in new clients and now I know what works for me and my business. I’ve got a newfound confidence after working with Kendrick, and I know that the initial sales conversation is really just the beginning – even if I hear a ‘maybe later’ or ‘I can’t afford it right now’ instead of a yes.

Nathalie Lussier

Online Business Strategist

Kendrick is a magician! Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over.

Throw any sales dilemma her way and she’ll transform it from jumbled headjam into a crystal clear process. Within a few months of working with Kendrick I made my investment back 3 x over. I now have a sales flow that I’m excited to use, and enables me to serve more of the people who need my help.

Alicia Cowan

Social Media Strategist

I honestly can’t imagine launching a program or filling one of my high-end year-long mentorships without Kendrick’s wisdom, insight, and guidance.

I’ve never met anyone who approaches sales the way she does. Using her methods, I’ve comes to feel that “selling” isn’t a pushy sleazy thing I have to do in addition to my coaching work– instead, it becomes an ethical, compassionate, integrated part of the process. That’s because it’s all about figuring out exactly what problems I can help people solve– and articulately that really really clearly to them.

I know that sounds simple, but learning her Authentic Selling process will totally transform your business and your revenue. Kendrick is fun, hilarious, and kind, but she’s also one of the keenest business minds I’ve ever encountered. If you want to know how to fill your programs or sell your products and feel GREAT about it, you should work with her.

Anna Kunnecke

Master Life Coach & founder of The Queen Sweep

Go for it! As a copywriter + content creator I learned sales skills that I’ve been able to apply not just in my own business, but in the copy and content I write for my clients. Kendrick offers so much value, plus you meet some amazing people as you partner up to practice!

Jennifer Bryant Robbins

Copywriter + content creator




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