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Five Foundations For The Real You

Five Foundations For The Real You

Confession Time


When I was new to the online business world, I wanted to sound just like Danielle LaPorte, have a website that looked like Marie Forleo’s, and be the business everyone was talking about. I just wanted to clone their businesses. Was that too much to ask?


At the same time, some of the top experts in business advised me to change my accent (like it’s something you can turn off and on!). In fact, I was told to tone down everything; my southerness, my hair color, my goofy singing, and so much more. Seems those experts thought becoming a clone was the way for me to create success, too.


I felt like I was going through Attack Of The Clones and they were trying to make me one of them. I considered making the changes they suggested but, in the end, I decided that’s just not me.


There’s no changing my hair (or this accent!) and I decided if this business was going to fail, I was going to go down as me. I created Five Foundations to build my business around. My Five Foundations have guided me when I felt lost, was unsure what to do next, and they’ve given me the freedom to do what I love every single day!


It’s natural to see what “successful” people are doing and pattern your business after them. Have you ever felt like the only way to business success is to become a clone of what’s already out there?  


The Truth


Can you experience success as a clone business? It’s possible, but the descent into Brokeville will happen as quickly as you’re able to rise to stardom.


There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by someone’s success, website, or copy. In fact, it’s a way to create massive success.  


But knowing what is authentic to you and using that on your website, in your copy, and anywhere you can, will help you stand out rather than become a blend-in business clone.


Newer businesses are often sucked into the Attack Of The Clones and attempt to change everything that makes them stand out in the pursuit of success.


But being unique is what gives your business heart, soul, and the power to connect with your potential customers.


These are my Five Foundations that I’ve used to build a business that’s not only successful, but that’s authentically me:

  • Do The Common Things Uncommonly Well. Everywhere someone is telling you all the things you need to do to build your business.  This can get rather complicated with all the options, webinars, opt ins, speaking, membership sites, affiliates and more. All of these things can lead to growing your business, but not if you focus on them all at one time. If you focus on some of these “must dos” too early in your business, before other foundations are in place, they won’t work for you and could leave you in financial mess. Focus on doing the foundational actions uncommonly well and the rest will take care of itself.


  • All Things Being Equal, Friends Buy From Friends. All Things Being Unequal, Friends Buy From Friends. What does this really mean? How you treat people matters. What you say matters. You may have the best product available but if your competition is more engaging or more kind, you’re the one that will miss out on the sale. Ask yourself how you can create raving fans of your work and be honest about how you treat them. Do this even when you feel too busy. It will make you money.


  • Believe. You must believe in the difference that your product or service makes. You must understand; If you don’t believe in your product or service, you can’t sell it. Ask yourself if you would buy your product or service. Would you pay what you’re asking? If you answered “no”, then you need to go back to the drawing board and create an irresistible offer that you and your clients can believe in.


  • If You Feel The Ick, Find A Better Way. I spend a lot of my day elbow-deep in helping clients and I love it. And that’s because I’ve set up my business to avoid the ick. You know the ick; The tasks you dread, the offer you created because you “should”, or even the business you started because you thought you were “supposed to” and it isn’t what you really love doing. Any time you feel the ick; Responding to an upset client, dealing with a stressful timeline or even just everyday tasks you don’t like, find a way to do the job that avoids the ick. It will create a business you (and your clients) love.


  • Follow Up Is A Must. Fifty percent of all sales come from following up. So, if you haven’t heard me say it by now; Follow up is a MUST. And not just once, keep following up. Let your potential clients know you genuinely care by checking in on them and offering to help long after other businesses have given up. Show you care, stand out from the crowd, follow up.


For today’s Authentic Selling Challenge, I want you to ask yourself a difficult question and please commit to answering it honestly:


Has your business been hit by the “Attack Of The Clones?” Are you trying to sound like someone else, look like someone else and have lost some of the that spark that makes you shine?


It‘s time to get real and start focusing not only on doing the common things uncommonly well but on the things that make you special.


It’s how everything will begin to fall into place, organically, authentically.
Take a long look at the Five Foundations and come up with a unique foundation of your own that you want to build your business on and share it below: No cloning allowed!

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