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End your tears; KISS your copy

I once sat in front of Marie Forleo, crying because I thought I was a terrible copywriter.

Some of the most brilliant minds in business were present and, when it was my turn to mastermind, Marie told me to take out a pen and paper, and write. I burst into tears, feeling like I didn’t measure up and I would never be successful in business.

I was putting all this pressure on myself to write personality-infused copy and finally, I realized I was missing the easy piece. Once you nail this, it’s easy as pie to go back and add in personality.

So what’s the secret to writing copy that reaches readers? That leaves them reaching for their wallet and dreaming of big changes?

It’s simple; before you write one word of copy, you need a plan. You don’t need a detailed plan, more like a guiding light to stop you from staring at a blank page, all while your customers are struggling for a solution and buying from someone else.

Your readers are busy.

They’re looking at emails, sales pages, offers, social media, and appointments on their phones and, if they’re anything like me, probably while their kids climb on their backs.

So many of our target audiences have a cell phone in one hand and a laptop in the other.

This isn’t news to you or me but this is important to keep in mind when you’re writing. Your copy can have all the personality in the world, but if it doesn’t sell the reader that your email, sales page, or offer is worth their time, you’ve accomplished nothing.

Writing copy doesn’t have to make you cry. 

Step One: Start At The End
What is your call to action? There should only be ONE call to action and, when readers reach the end of your piece, it should tell them exactly what to do.

Step Two: Entice Them To Read More
Create one sentence that will grab your audience’s attention and make them want to read more. Maybe it’s a statement that focuses on a particular struggle or a fact that will shock your audience.

Example: What if I said you could lose 10 pounds while eating pizza?

Step Three: KISS the copy
As you create your supporting copy, make sure it’s KISS approved. KISS means to “Keep It Super Simple.” Don’t use complicated words or catchy phrases to add personality when writing your first draft. Make it easy to understand and implement. Then you can go back in and look for places to add personality.

No matter how catchy your copy, if your readers don’t know what you want them to do or how it’s going to help them, you’re wasting your time and theirs.

Writing copy is one of the most overlooked skills in the online business. It’s also the foundation of the way we all communicate with each other. Before dousing your copy with personality, make it sell by following the three steps above and watch your engagement, and number of paying clients, skyrocket.

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