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Does Your Business Love You Back?

Does Your Business Love You Back?

Happy Valentines Day! Man, the year is truckin’ along, right? Today on K TV, I’m going to ask you a question that may sound really simple. Before you discount it, pause and think about the answer. I believe the key to many of the issues I’m hearing this year, lies in the answer.

Issues like:

  1.  Why aren’t my launches as successful as they used to be?
  2.  It feels like the online space is changing – are things more difficult than they used to be?
  3.  I’m tired and it’s only Feb. How am I going to make it to the next month?!

This week’s K TV asks a question that will lead you straight to troubleshooting those issues.  
So get your singing voice warmed up and check out the “Terrific Tuesday Tip of the Week”.

And make sure you join me for After The Show at 3:30 today on the Authentic Selling Facebook group where I’m going to share how personal things can get when your business isn’t loving you back.  

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