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Do You Take Advantage Of Opportunities

Do You Take Advantage Of Opportunities

OMG  I have missed you all so very much.  I have been away thinking about who I want to be and how I can improve myself.  We all need to do that from time to time! BUT I AM BACK and ready to rock and roll.

Yesterday I was BLOWN AWAY by someone who took advantage of an opportunity and it got me to thinking about you.  

Often times it can be easy to go through the motions and just check the box.  Despite going getting a bad wrap as being lazy, going throug the motions can be exhausting and a ton of work.  

BUT what I was reminded of yesterday by a powerhouse Sales School Grad is that when you remember to create a raving fan with every interaction, opportunites show up.

 Join Bryn Bamber and me HERE this Thursday, May 10th at 12pm CST for a pitch free masterclass about how to kick burnout to the curb, no registration needed.

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