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Do you feel guilty for wanting more?

Hey Gorgeous,

I literally have so much to share this week with you, but one thing at a time!

Selling is like the superhero of your business story.

It is the exchange between you and your customers so that you can get paid AND do the work you love.

Who doesn’t love getting paid to do work you love while at the same time helping others?

Now, I know guilt can hang around, creating an internal conflict between wanting to make a difference and, at the same time, needing a little financial magic to happen in your bank account.

Side note, while we’re on the subject, what good does guilt do anyway? I hate the feeling of guilt, don’t you?

We’re changing that narrative today.

“Helping others and making money are NOT mutually exclusive.”

You can help others and get paid well to do it.

So let’s do this right and let go of the guilt because this year we’re saying yes to “More in ’24!”

What does “More in ’24” mean?

How about saying yes to more of what you love and hell no to what you loathe, like the guilt that comes from believing the lie that it is bad to charge people for your expertise?

“More in ’24” means it’s time to set the stage for more of what you love and goodbye to what you hate.

Whether it’s

  • more success
  • more laughter
  • more of that feeling you get when you nail a pitch and get a new customer who is a perfect fit for your business.

‘More in ’24’ is your chance to define what ‘more’ means to you.

Here’s a challenge: What’s your “More in ’24”?

Share it with me in the comments on Youtube or over on Instagram when you see the image that says

“What’s Your ‘More in ’24?”

More doesn’t mean settling for less. It means going after the things that make your heart race!

Ready for a year of more laughter, more sales, and more money?

Reminder, will you please share on the YouTube comments or over on Instagram when you see the image that says

“What’s Your ‘More in ’24?”

I believe in you and I believe in your business,

Kendrick 💋

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