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Do This on Social. Not That….

Do This on Social. Not That….

Stuck in a never-ending social media vortex? Wondering how to conquer the eternal conundrum of making a lasting impression? 🤔

Experts offering conflicting advice, leaving us with limp engagement.

One expert tells you one thing.
Only to be followed by another telling you something else.
And then when you try you end up with little to no engagement.
Or it’s a full-time job simply completing all the things that you’ve been told to do.

I mean how in the world are you supposed to get any actual work done if all you’re doing is spending all day on social media?

It’s a never-ending job just to check off all the to-dos, leaving no room for actual

The struggle is real, my friend!

Time to break free from the to-do list and make room for actual work. Let’s escape this perpetual social media time warp with this week’s ASTV here with our very first episode of Do this…Not that!

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