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Did Your Coach Make The List?

Did Your Coach Make The List?

I get highly emotional when I believe in something and right now, I’m fired up with passion. When this fire and passion rises up in my body, I’m motivated to take rapid action. Today is no exception.  

There will be no Sell Like A Woman Podcast or TV today because I’ve called an audible to our schedule. While that may drive everyone on my team nuts, this message is too important to wait.

Lately, I’ve seen people on social media asking people to share stories of being let down by a coach, consultant, or expert.

I’ve been reading the responses, weighing everyone’s experience and doing my best to keep an open mind about their disappointment or frustration.

I’ve seen the comments filled with:

  • Resentment
  • Blame
  • Disappointment


Look, I get it; No one wants to feel lied to, scammed, or left feeling anger, disappointment, and resentment.

But this dark, untrustworthy, slimy world I see so many talking about, isn’t the online world I know.  

The online world I have the privilege of working in each and every day is:

  • Kind
  • Positive
  • Generous
  • Intelligent
  • Full of courage
  • Supportive
  • Making real change in the lives of others
  • The place where the American dream still lives


Where else can you start a business from nothing, with no capital, investors, or even a building and turn it into anything you want? Including a:

  • Multi-million dollar corporation
  • Job that leaves you fulfilled when you put your head on the pillow at night
  • A chance to do what you love each and every day
  • Schedule that allows you to show up for the school play and take off when your kids is sick
  • Flexible working environment allowing you to work from the beach or the snow covered mountains
  • Multicultural opportunity to engage with people from all 7 continents


Now, I’m not naive. I understand nothing is perfect and just as is the case in any industry, there are untrustworthy people who don’t operate from a place of integrity.

But I have to tell you, there are honest, good-to-their-core experts out there who take your success as a client seriously. Those people are everywhere waiting to help clients who are ready to experience change in their lives, business, health, or weight.  

Experts like:

  1. Jenny Shih
  2. Tonya Leigh
  3. Andrea Owen
  4. Elise Grice
  5. Gemma Went
  6. Jadah Sellner
  7. Amy Elizabeth Smith
  8. Lisa Fabrega
  9. Rebecca Tracey
  10. Laura Husson
  11. Denise Duffield Thomas
  12. Nathalie Lussier
  13. Kendall Ritz
  14. Kendrick Shope (yes I added myself because I know better than anyone the results clients create)
  15. June Melia
  16. Lindsay Weisenthal
  17. Jennifer Crego
  18. Navjit Kindola
  19. Sundae Schneider Bean
  20. Susan Hyatt
  21. Corey Huff of Evolve Finance

I know what you’re thinking; “She’s just naming her friends”. But you’re wrong.  There are people on this list I’ve never spoken to. But I know without a doubt the kind of care and results they teach their clients to create.  

It’s coaches like the ones above, (and this is just a sampling), who represent everything that is good and honest about this online world.  

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