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Customer Said Yes But Never Paid

Customer Said Yes But Never Paid

We’ve all had it happen: that glorious moment when we get a yes from a customer. You feel excited to have a new customer you can help—and the money is nice, too. 

As promised, you send the invoice in a follow-up email or a link to book the first appointment and nothing happens. Crickets. No response. You think you should follow up, but don’t want to seem pushy. 

Today’s K TV is going to break down what you need to do next and the thinking that could be causing you to lose customers. Be sure to click on the link under K TV and take the guesswork out of the follow up by reading a Take-n-Tweak email series from Sales School that addresses this exact issue! 

Don’t leave money on the table; Use this free download to follow up with a customer who said “yes” but hasn’t paid.

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